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FAQ about Guitar Lessons

  • How long do I need to learn song "xyz"?"
    This depends on your existing skill level, the complexity of the song itself and how precisely you wish to replicate it. Usually the simplest way to play a song is just chords so if your chord knowledge and practice in general is good enough you should be able to comfortably pull off most songs with a week's practice or two (1h a day). If you want to learn more complex arrangements, riffs, solos and shreds you will need more time to practice. Remember that practice makes perfect; as long as you keep at it you will get better.
  • I don't have a guitar. Can I still learn?
    Yes! I do guitar rentals for in-person lessons (solo, group). I have a 3/4 sized guitar for adults and a guilele (mini guitar) for children aged 4 to 7. Guitar rentals are free for trial lessons; they will cost S$10 per session. This is good if you are unsure about buying your own, or even if guitar is your thing. If you are thinking of doing Zoom lessons you will need a physical guitar with you.
  • I was also considering learning cheap/free guitar lessons online. Would online lessons be better for me?
    Everyone has their own budget for lessons but generally you get what you pay for. For pre-recorded lessons you are your own teacher. That's why they're generally so cheap. Especially for beginners, they do not receive real feedback on foundations like proper hand positions/fretting/chord shaping, which are crucial for improving guitar skill. This is where I offer individually-planned lessons for you to help you solve your issues in playing based off my 9 years worth of teaching experience. However if you've had lessons before and you know and understand most guitar terminology, techniques and music theory, self-guided learning may be more effective for you. I've done this before too when learning percussive fingerstyle guitar; no one could properly teach me what I wanted to learn so I ended up going my own way and it worked out well. Whichever way you choose to learn, expect to commit lots of time and effort to become better at playing.
  • How old do you need to be to learn guitar?
    Generally I would advise children to be over the age of 4 so they can handle the guitar safely and properly. If they are able to read it would help but I also teach young kids with phonics and picture based material. Lessons for young children are also shorter (usually 1/2h) due to their shorter attention span.
  • Is there an age limit to learning the guitar?
    Absolutely not! As long as you can move your arms, hands and fingers you can learn.
  • I want to play like (insert famous guitarist). Could you help me do that?
    Sure! I do lots of research on the playing styles of individual guitarists, I can guide you on techniques you need to learn and improve on to sound like (insert famous guitarist). If said guitarist is a percussive fingerstyle player, I might be your best shot at learning to play like them. Very few guitar teachers in the world have the expertise in this field I do.
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