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Ryan Han

Music Performer &

Guitar Teacher


About Me


My name is Ryan (Diploma in Music, LASALLE) and I have been teaching guitar for over 9 years. I teach students of all ages and skill levels to impress their friends with the guitar, grounded in music theory. If you are looking to learn the guitar in your spare time, but are finding it hard to understand online guides or stay motivated, leave me a message and we'll get those hands of yours making magic on the strings!

How It Works

Lesson Plans

Genres Covered

Instruments Taught

Pop, Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Reggae, R&B, Country, Rock, Classical, Folk

Guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Classical)

Percussive Acoustic Guitar

Bass (Electric)
Ukulele (Soprano)

Type of Lessons

Guitar Lessons

One on One Lessons


Have dedicated guidance from the convenience of your home.

Guitar rental available.


Group Lessons

$35/h per person

Learn the guitar with friends or family.

Guitar rental available.


Zoom Lessons


Stay safe and learn over Zoom from the comfort of your home.


What My Students Say:


"Thanks for making it so easy to learn and accommodating to my needs. I've had the guitar for years but have finally found the passion through your guidance!

- Denny Kwong, Husband, Father of 2, Director of Integration at FWD Group

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